1st Nov 2023 @ 6:00 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the November edition.

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Dear Editor,

Without disabled spaces it can be impossible for a Blue Badge Holder to carry out things that most people take for granted.

Why then are other drivers ignorant of the signs and marked spaces, just because they need to pop to the Post Office. Are they that lazy? Here in Playa Blanca, they must be, because there are disabled spaces outside the Correos, all and sundry either park in the designated space, or, even worse, they park on the chevrons between the two spaces allowing easy access.

On two occasions I’ve had cars park so close as to make it impossible to get in my car. I’ve phoned the police and explained the problem, but after two hours literally, the owner returned and drove off. No apology, and I had customers from a nearby bar in full support of me!

Please, PLEASE, think twice where you park your car.

It would help if the Ayuntamiento painted the entire space blue, as they do in Arrecife.

Thanks, Tracey


Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read the news on the 29th of September stating that the body of a Loggerhead sea turtle had been found on Famara beach. It had apparently died after consuming plastic waste which to a turtle can appear to be a jellyfish.

So many people feel helpless and say how can one person make a difference? It took only one person to throw away that piece of plastic. We can all make a difference.

Carolyn, via email


Dear Ed,

My wife and I are having work done on the pergola of our villa in Playa Blanca. To get out of the workman’s way we drive off and leave him to it. We have a picnic lunch but it doesn’t matter whether it is Playa Blanca, Playa Honda, Puerto Calero or anywhere else on the island, we can never find seating with shade.

Please, local councils, provide shade for some of your public places.

Kind regards, Gordon and Sheila Davies

Ed: Some councils are already addressing this problem – we know of shaded picnic areas in La Asomada, San Bartolomé, Mancha Blanca and La Degollada. But you’re right – shade is an issue that has not been addressed enough.


Dear Gazette,

After an emergency has happened, we try to work out how it could be avoided. Recently a lady was left bleeding on the floor because the emergency service misunderstood her cry for help.

She is hard of hearing and, after being asked a question in Spanish she gave the wrong answer and the service stood down.

How many of our elderly friends speak too little Spanish or hear too little to deal with calls?

We cannot expect the emergency services to serve us in all of the languages in the world.

How about teaching everyone the word for help “socorro” and perhaps “mucha sangre” so that we can repeat it rather than answering questions?

A card by the phone might help.

What are your suggestions?

Malcolm Crocker

Ed: In hospitals and health centres, there’s a good chance you’ll find medical staff with a fairly decent grasp of English, but this can’t be guaranteed. We’ve provided a list of useful emergency phrases here: XXXX

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