27th Apr 2022 @ 9:22 am

Petrol prices on Lanzarote have risen by more than 25 cents a litre since January, and by around 45% since early last year.

This means that even the application of the 20 cents-per-litre discount that the Spanish government introduced recently is failing to match price rises.

A litre of standard 95 petrol is currently around €1. 48, compared to €1.22 at the start of the year and 98 cents in earñly 2021.

Nevertheless, motorists have the option of shopping around. Various price-comparing sites, which monitor prices that the island’s petrol stations have submitted to the government are available online. The centre of the island appears to be the most fortunate in terms of cheap fuel, with the SPL garage on the hill up to Tias, and the Pecan garage in Tias itself currently among those offering the cheapest petrol on the island, while the Disa garage in Yaiza is currently the most expensive.

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