22nd Aug 2022 @ 8:41 am

The Maritime Rescue services came to the aid of a patera that was 11 kilometres off the coast of Lanzarote last Saturday.

The patera had been spotted and reported in the early hours of last Saturday morning as the boat was trying to reach the Lanzarote coast.

Emergency services have indicated that 40 were travelling on the boat, including a woman and a child.

All those onboard were reported to be in good health after the rescue.

Where do they go once they arrive?

In previous reports we have received comments from residents and tourists enquiring about where the migrants are taken once they arrive on the island.

Initially they are taken to the camp behind the police station in Arrecife. Later, they’ll be moved to CIEs (Foreigner Internment Centres) on other islands or the mainland. After claims are processed there, they’re either sent back or turfed out on the street. Minors are sent to other centres.

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