1st Sep 2023 @ 6:00 am

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop in Playa Blanca are well known for their quality products and unmatched service. We chatted with manager Steven Mottershaw about their new shipment of spas.

For years the team at Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop have provided their services with the utmost care and quality – which hasn’t gone unnoticed. Speak to any of their customers, past or present, and they will tell you that the service provided is unmatched.

They have recently received a new shipment of their custom award-winning spas from Superior Wellness. Steven took us on a tour of the showfloor and warehouse to show us the latest models and maintenance chemicals.


“Everything about our spas is made for Lanzarote and its climate. We’re one of the only companies on the island that work closely with our spa manufacturer, Superior Wellness, to ensure that the models we install will last a very long time”, explains Steven.

“We’re in regular contact with Superior Wellness and our chemical manufacturer, Piscimar, to discuss what’s working and what could be improved to ensure that our customers get the best of the best.”

The spas are designed and engineered for 13 APMs – to account for the low amperage supplied to most Lanzarote properties. Which of course reduces the running costs!

They have a wide selection of residential spas with models that cater up to six people. Your model can be as simple or as feature-rich as you’d like. Whether you’d like a simple spa with bubble and jet controls, or a multi-seater spa with speakers, various jet settings, Bluetooth speaker and controllable LED’s, Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop have you covered.

“We don’t just sell spas, but we install them too. We can install a spa within an hour of it being delivered to the property. We’ll do all the necessary checks and tests upon installation to make sure the clients spa is in perfect order,” Steven continues.

“The spas come with a chemical starter kit included, and we’ll walk you through the easy maintenance you need to carry out to keep your spa a sparkling blue.”


For holiday rental owners, Superior Wellness spas worked with Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop to develop a holiday spa model that is built to resolve many problems that are usually associated with residential spas in rental properties.

The spas are designed to limit the topside controls available to bathers, allowing them access to only the necessary features such as jet control. The other controls have been moved into the spa housing behind a locked panel, which ensures that temperatures and spa cycles remain unchanged.


While other spa suppliers may ask you to wait months for replacement parts to be ordered and delivered to the island, Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop have all the spare parts in stock.

You won’t have to install new parts yourself; their team will remove any broken parts, replace them, and test the spa afterwards to check that everything is working as it should be.

“That’s the peace of mind we offer our clients. The spas are installed by us, serviced by us, and will be fixed by us should they need to be down the line. We’re also happy to answer any questions that they might have regarding spa care, from protecting the covers and cladding, to checking the chemical balance. We’re here to help.”


Tel: +34 928 518 980

Website: www.lanzarotepoolshop.com

Email: info@lanzarotepoolshop.com

Open MONDAY to FRIDAY: 9AM till 5PM

Address: Calle Turquia 1, NAVE 14, Playa Blanca, 35580, YAIZA, Lanzarote.

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