27th Jul 2022 @ 11:38 am

The spectacular Vertical Famara Total night race in Teguise will start on the 18th of August and the race will be shown on a large screen on the Caleta de Famara pier as well as being livestreamed.

Photos: Ayuntamiento de Teguise, Famara Total Facebook page.

The Vertical Famara Total night race will be limited to 100 athletes. On the 18th of August the athletes will take part in a 5.6km demanding course that will push them to their limits. The route will take them on the ascent from the Caleta de Famara pier to Las Nieves and offer spectacular views.

This year, to make it possible for in-person audiences to see the entire race, there will be a large screen on the pier where they will be able to watch the race live with an illuminated course including information, times, and race leader. Additionally, the race will also be livestreamed so that it can be watched all over the world.

Those that wish to watch the race via livestream will be able to do so on the Vertical Famara Total Facebook page on the day of the race. Thanks to GPS trackers viewers will be able to see the times and positions of each athlete.

The livestreamed race will kick off at 9pm, however, there are more races:

Follow their Facebook page HERE: https://www.facebook.com/famaratotal/ to watch the race on the 18th of August at 9pm.

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