20th May 2021 @ 9:48 pm

Despite the recent outbreak of cases on Lanzarote, the island will remain in Level 2 as the Canarian Government spokesman Julio Pérez announced, “most of the infections came from a single source.”.

Lanzarote’s recent outbreak coming from one source as well as the island having low hospital and ICU occupation figures will have also played a part in this decision.

The islands 7-day rate and 14-day rate are by far the worst in the Canaries; both are categorised as very high risk. However, the hospital and ICU occupation percentages are categorised as low and medium risk.

Pérez drew attention to the situation in Tenerife. While Lanzarote’s 7-day and 14-day rates are worse than Tenerife’s, the islands cases come from multiple sources, are more widespread and pose a larger concern than Lanzarote’s outbreak.

The gym outbreak appears to be petering out, and we’re sure to see plenty of recoveries in the coming days.

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