31st May 2020 @ 9:31 am

Here’s the tough quiz that featured in last month’s online magazine. We’ve already notified the winner, so why don’t you have a crack at it yourself? The answers will appear in June’s online edition.

  • Which controversial French author wrote a novel titled Lanzarote in 2000?

a. Michel Houellebec b. Didier Eribon c. Leila Slimani

  • Who is the male patron Saint of Lanzarote?

a. San Fermín b. San Ginés c. San Marcial

  • The Gospel According to Jesus Christ brought which cultural giant to Lanzarote?

a. Pedro Almodovar b. José Saramago c. Alfredo Kraus

  • What was the name of the famous grouper that lived off Playa Chica in Puerto del Carmen until 2011?

a. Méro b. Felix c. Caspar

  • How many species of native land reptiles are found on Lanzarote?

a. 2                  b. 3                  c. 5

  • Which of these famous actors has not filmed on Lanzarote?

a. Dennis Quaid          b. Charlton Heston      c. Chris Hemsworth

  • Which mishap did UK Prime Minister David Cameron suffer on his 2014 holiday in Lanzarote?

a. He was stung by a jellyfish             b. He sat on a cactus               c. He was spat at by a camel

  • Lanzarote’s official coat of arms features 14 whats?

a. Clouds                     b. Golden cauldrons                c. Volcanoes

  • Why was Gordon Haller’s participation in the 2013 Lanzarote Ironman notable?

a. He won the very first Ironman race in 1978   b. He completed the race backwards c. He fell into a cactus patch.

  • Which Manchester pop group filmed videos for their two biggest hits on Lanzarote?

a. Happy Mondays b. Stone Roses  c. Inspiral Carpets