13th Feb 2022 @ 10:08 am

€62,000 will be spent on renovating one of  Lanzarote’s most famous tourist spectacles, the geysers at the Montañas del Fuego at Timanfaya.

Every day, park rangers pour buckets of water into tubes in the ground, then step back and wait for a few seconds before steam and spray explodes into the air. It’s a display that always causes whoops and gasps from the assembled tourists, and it’s been a regular part of the Timanfaya experience for decades.

The geysers at Timanfaya work because the centre is located on a chamber of lava just 3 kilometres below the surface of the earth. This means that temperatures can reach more than 200 degrees Celsius just below the surface of the earth.

But the metal tubes that channel the geysers are under constant conditions of heat and moisture, and have begun to rust and deteriorate. This affects the pressure of the geysers and can also lead to the expulsion of microparticles. Renovation is a regular requirement, and was last undertaken in 2015.

The geysers will be replaced over a few days in March, and the company Perforaciones y Sondeo Las Cañada have been awarded the contract.

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