4th Feb 2022 @ 10:03 am

The latin word canariensis indicates that something comes from the Canary islands, and is found in the latin names of several of the native species on these islands.

It’s this commitment to the local aspect that inspired Francisco Bermejo to set up Canariensis, a garden landscaping company that is bringing exciting new techniques and exclusive products to Lanzarote’s gardening sector. Francisco comes from a family of gardeners in Santander and, with over 30 years of experience and professional qualifications.

The key to Canariensis’s approach is xero-gardening, the practice of gardening in dry climates, using precious water in the most efficient way possible. The concept was developed in the southern United States but is perfectly suited to Lanzarote and ever more relevant at a time when green gardening techniques are more vital than ever.

Less water is good news for the environment, but also for the gardener, who will find that these gardens require much less maintenance.

“It’s an approach that can be adapted to Lanzarote, respecting local landscapes in the harmonious way César Manrique envisaged,” says Francisco. “You only need a little water to be able to grow plants here on Lanzarote, but to do it in the best way you must reorient everything in the most efficient way.”

This approach has already led Yaiza’s council to contract Canariensis to plant and install automatic watering systems in the district, with more fascinating projects lined up for the future.

Canariensis are also pioneers in the battle against Diocalandra, the insect plague that has devastated thousands of palm trees on Lanzarote in recent years and currently infects 80% of all palms, according to a Cabildo report.

Canariensis are the exclusive suppliers of Fertinyect, an endotherapy system that eliminates Diocalandra and other plagues in different trees, and which is far cheaper and more sustainable than other treatments. Canariensis have already treated several palms in Yaiza effectively.

But these exciting initiatives are just a little of what Canariensis have to offer. As well as landscaping, design and construction, the company also prune and trim palms, carry out maintenance, install watering systems and create biological pools.

Find them at: Calle Sorolla, 3, 35580, Playa Blanca – Yaiza Lanzarote, or Email them: info@canariensis.eu.

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