10th Aug 2022 @ 1:28 pm

This Wednesday, the Yaiza Ayuntamiento have completed the construction of a pathed pathway to access the dog park in Playa Blanca.

Photo: Ayuntamiento de Yaiza.

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento have just completed the construction of a 40-square-metre pathway to the dog park in Playa Blanca. The park occupies an area of 2,300 square metres and allows dogs to run freely off the lead under the supervision of their owners.

Mayor of Yaiza, Óscar Noda, is grateful for “the compliance with the rules of use of the park published on a sign next to the entrance and all the duties related to responsible animal ownership such as the obligation to pick up waste.”.

“The park meets the demand of neighbours and animal protection associations, and we continue to implement improvements to make the park more pleasant,” said Noda, who visited the works this Wednesday.

The Yaiza Ayuntamiento reinforces its commitment to animal care and protection, recalling that the Yaiza Animal Shelter houses dogs that are well cared for by municipal staff and volunteers from the Doggys del Sur charity.

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