9th Oct 2021 @ 9:13 am

With the Canaries now on low-risk status for Covid infections, the regional government has relaxed the rules on the maximum capacity of outdoor gatherings. Outdoor spaces will now be permitted to operate at 100% capacity and indoor gatherings at 80%, for all islands on Levels 1 and 2.  

In reality, this will make little change unless you run a bar on Fuerteventura. All the islands are now on Level 1 (low risk) status, apart from Fuerteventura, which is at Level 2, and outdoor occupancy is already set at 100% for outdoor activities in Level 1.  The rise in indoor capacity from 75% to 80% is also not particularly significant, a

Exceptions to these rules have been established for outdoor events, children’s camps and certain sporting activities, depending on whether they are seated, whether food and drink is served and whether distancing can be maintained.   

Lanzarote is currently the worst-performing island in terms of infection rates, but that is more a reflection of how well the other islands have performed while the situation on Lanzarote has remained more or less the same. Nevertheless, there has been a marked improvement in recent days, and Lanzarote has the lowest hospital occupancy rates of all the major islands, with no patients currently in intensive care. 

At this rate, Spain could now reach the conditions for “new normality” before Christmas, three months earlier than the date predicted by the World Health Organisation.  Once it does so, and remains at that level for some weeks, it is possible that we’ll  see the national government relaxing more measures, including rules on mask-wearing indoors.

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