25th Jan 2022 @ 10:26 am

The lack of facilities for dog owners on Lanzarote has been highlighted by an article published in La Voz de Lanzarote, complaining about the presence of dogs on Famara beach.

The article quotes a reader who has denounced the increasing presence of dogs on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Dogs are strictly banned on Famara and almost every other public beach on Lanzarote because of the mess they make and the distress they may cause to other beach users.

The La Voz reader complains that “many large dogs are left uncontrolled” on Famara. This means that the “many people who have a phobia of dogs cannot take a walk or sunbathe in peace.”

However, dog owners who do wish to take their dog to the beach are limited to only two areas of Lanzarote – the Playa Afre at Las Coloradas in Playa Blanca, and a stretch of Guacimeta beach in front of the airport near Playa Honda.

In both cases, access times are limited, dogs are meant to be keep on leashes unless they’re in the sea, and owners must remove any mess.

The only other facilities specially designed for dogs are the two dog parks in Playa Blanca and Arrecife. The Arrecife park was denounced last year by the Lanzarote En Pie party for the state of neglect it has fallen into.

The lack of facilities means that many areas of wasteland in towns and villages have become “dog toilets”. Although owners are obliged to pick up and dispose of dog mess, this is often ignored.

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