10th Oct 2023 @ 2:41 pm

Haría Ayuntamiento have announced an events program focussed on history, culture, music and food, all taking place at the stunning Mirador de Haría.

Haría Ayuntamiento council members announced the program today, titled “Aquelarre, lunas y brujas.”. Taking place between October 21st and January 13th the program consists of micro-concerts for audiences up to just 55 people, as they will all take place at the small yet stunning mirador.

They invite all to enjoy the musical performances and the views on display from the mirador, while learning about the municipality through an events program that combines history, culture and gastronomy.

Starting on October 21st, the events kick off with Virginia Guantanamera & Marco del Castillo. On November 4th the Canarias Gospel Choir will take to the mirador followed by Solo2 Amos Lora & Carlos Martín on December 15th and Yone Rodríguez on January 13th 2024.

Each concert will begin at 8pm and end at midnight. It will be mandatory to use the bus service provided by Haría Ayuntamiento with the departure point behind the church. The bus will take attendees back to the starting point after the events.

Tickets are to be bought online here: https://www.ecoentradas.com/?island=0&q=Aquelarre.

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