21st Mar 2023 @ 10:11 am

José Valle, head of Lanzarote’s Chamber of Commerce, has said he is “saddened” about the recent controversy following the misrepresentation of the Cabildo President’s statements on tourism.

“I’ve heard the statements of the President and she never said that British tourists were not wanted. I’ve no idea where that came from,” said Valle, speaking to Radio Lanzarote yesterday.

Valle mentioned an incident that had upset him recently when meeting with various businessmen in Morocco. “A group were asking why we don’t want British people on Lanzarote – something that no official on the island has ever said”. 

He also said he had been dismayed to see the CEO of a major company (Steve Heapy of Jet2.com) asking the Cabildo to provide explanations following misleading reports in the UK press.

Referring to the way the controversy about the false reports has developed on Lanzarote, Valle said “We should be more respectful with each other. I may agree with the President about some things, and not about other things, but defending our island must come above political or business games.”

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