25th Jan 2021 @ 10:23 am

The Canaries and Lanzarote passed three  sad milestones yesterday, as the third wave of the pandemic continues to hit Lanzarote harder than the other islands.

The amount of deaths on the islands rose above 500, and news later arrived that Lanzarote had seen it’s 16th death of the pandemic, meaning that the third wave, which has claimed 7 lives so far, has been more deadly on the island than either the first or second waves.

The deceased was a woman in her 80s, and six of the seven fatalities this year have been women, all elderly except for a 38-year old who has recovered from cancer.

The number of active cases also exceeded 1,000 for the first time on Lanzarote, which has been posting record totals for several days. The good news is that recoveries are starting to happen in large amounts, but the third wave’s impact on the over-65 age group has left the hospital more crowded than ever before.

Yesterdays figures also brought the total of Lanzarote’s cases since the start of the pandemic to over 3,000, meaning that approximately one in 50 islanders have had the virus . Over 2,000 have recovered and 16 have died, meaning that one in three of those cases is currently active

Fabric masks under threat

The use of fabric masks is threatened after France, Germany and Austria are considering   prohibiting their their use in shops and on public transport. In Germany, Bavaria has already made the  FFP2  variety of mask compulsory in public places, while the rest of the country is likely to follow suit, Similar measures are in process in France and Austria, and Italy is also considering a ban on home-made masks.

If the use of FFP2 masks becomes widespread throughout Europe, it is likely that Spain will also adopt similar rules in the future. Meanwhile, thousands of people who have made a few extra Euros through making masks will lose a source of income.

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