13th Jul 2020 @ 8:40 pm

As Lanzarote climbs back to its feet after the lockdown, it‘s becoming increasingly clear that villa rentals are going to be an important aspect of the tourist sector in the near future. If you want to capitalise on this unique opportunity, you‘ll need professional help.

Photo: Ronn Ballantyne

When tourists come back, there’s a strong chance many of them will prefer private villas to hotels, where disinfection, social distancing, limited capacities and other inconveniences are likely to be rife. Families and couples are likely to prefer the solitude, intimacy, freedom and guaranteed safety of a private villa or apartment, and with industry predictions that luxury accommodation is also going to be in demand, rental owners are set to make up for the lean months of the lockdown.

Two Ms, marketing and management, will be vital if you want to make the most of this opportunity

Market it

Now’s the time to market your property perfectly, and that will involve professional expertise, from the agents who host your villa online to the photographs you use to sell it.

Ronn Ballantyne is a professional photographer with decades of experience whose experience of the light and architecture of Lanzarote guarantees brilliant snaps, time after time, resulting in a portfolio that will pay for itself in bookings time and time again.

Ronn says “People often assume that a high quality, professional photo shoot, is going to be expensive, so they end up paying for a third-rate job from a friend with a camera or similar. The simple fact is, that for around 50% of a weekly rental, they can have a full set of topnotch, digital images which they can use over and over again. Time and time again I hear the same story from my clients, “bookings increased as soon as the new shots hit the internet”. It has become an anthem!”

Call the Management

Villa management will also be more important than ever as many owners remain off-island. Meanwhile, their investment will need maintenance, care and someone to market, complete the paperwork, meet, greet and monitor.

With the help of a professional villa management company you could be earning income faster than you think, and even if you’re not thinking of renting just yet, you’ll want your property to be kept in the best of shape.

Find out more by visiting Ronn Ballantyne’s page, here. Or via his website: http://ronn-ballantyne.com/