11th Mar 2022 @ 12:24 pm

Beeping your horn to let someone know you’re outside waiting for them is not only annoying for other residents; it’s also illegal.

The same goes for sounding your horn at friends in the street or celebrating the victory of your football team with rhythmic beeps.

The only instances in which it is permitted to sound your horn are the following:

To avoid an accident. This covers warning beeps in particular situations, but also the use of the horn on narrow roads with blind corners, dips or rises and in poor weather conditions.

Overtaking. You’re allowed to use your horn to warn a car that you’re about to overtake, although this is only advisable if the car ahead is behaving erratically.

Emergencies. If you have to provide a service that is normally reserved for emergency vehicles, you are expected to sound your horn intermittently as a well as turn on your hazard lights.

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