6th Mar 2022 @ 10:16 am

AENA, Spain’s airport authority, has committed to the soundproofing of 1,600 homes and buildings that are affected by aircraft noise on Lanzarote.

An AENA source told Canarias 7 that “”The objective is to carry out soundproofing in all those homes, and buildings used for sanitary, educational and cultural purposes, in accordance with the current situation and foreseeable development scenarios that mark out the acoustic easement of the airport”.

Over 1,000 of the homes and buildings affected are located in Playa Honda, and San Bartolomé’s Ayuntamiento has been the most active in claiming that AENA establish and pay for soundproofing projects. AENA’s commitment is largely a result of campaigning by San Bartolomé’s previous Mayor, Alexis Tejera, who died last year. Tejera’s successor Isidro Pérez, recently held a public meeting to explain details of the soundproofing projects to Playa Honda residents.

Several properties in the Matagorda area of Tias and the barrio of Argana Alta in northern Arrecife also qualify for soundproofing.

AENA say that residents must contact them to be included in the soundproofing project, either by calling the Acoustic Insulation Plans Management Office on 915 903170 or by email at Oficina.paa@ineco.com.

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