28th Jul 2022 @ 7:30 pm

The Cabildo have announced that they have invited just under a hundred artisans from all over the Canary Islands to participate in the annual Mancha Blanca Craft Fair in September. Never been to the craft fair before? Here’s what you can expect:

Yesterday, the Lanzarote Cabildo announced that 98 artisans from all over the Canary Islands will take part in one of the most important craft fairs on the island, in Mancha Blanca, from September 9th until 15th.

Coordinator, Carmen Guadalupe, stated “we return with more enthusiasm than ever after the last fair was marked by restrictions and Covid, we are convinced that both artisans and craftspeople, as well as visitors, will enjoy a first-class event.”.

Mancha Blanca Craft Fair

The main attraction for visitors is the immense range of crafts on display, ranging from traditional Canarian activities such as basket-making, to more modern stalls, such as those selling recycled objects.

We visited the fair in 2019 and found several fascinating stalls, and just as many fascinating people who were willing to talk about the skill and passion that makes them create such beautiful items.

It’s a great day out and one we’d highly recommend. You’re also likely to find other events going on as part of the wider celebrations of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores.

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