24th May 2023 @ 5:49 pm

Driving on Lanzarote can be a lot of fun. It’s not a big island, but there are plenty of decent roads, and routes. Here’s what you can expect on the island’s roads.

Most roads on Lanzarote are single or dual carriageways and, on the whole, it’s a well-maintained and comprehensive network. GPS probably isn’t necessary, but a companion with a smartphone can come in useful.

There are no hard shoulders in the Timanfaya region, to discourage tourists from pulling over and entering the protected landscape, and roads can often have abrupt borders with rough volcanic terrain. Keep your eyes on the road at all times.


Serious accidents are rare on Lanzarote, but there are some areas where you need to take a bit more care. The airport zone is one of them, and if you’re at all nervous about driving on the right or finding your way, we’d advise taking a taxi to your accommodation and hiring a car later.

Care should also be exercised on the road past Uga; the roundabout between Arrecife and Costa Teguise, and the notorious double roundabout at Playa Honda.


Petrol is cheap on Lanzarote and there are plenty of petrol stations, so there’s no excuse for running out. You may find forecourt service at some petrol stations, but if there isn’t someone in a hi-vis tabard, then it’s probably self-service. Forecourt attendants don’t expect to be tipped.


Most road users are considerate, but you may find instances of tailgating. Just stay calm. Don’t worry too much if other drivers don’t appear calm – parping your horn is just a way of letting off steam here, and road rage is almost unheard of.

Groups of cyclists are often encountered in rural areas, and you may have to be extra patient when caught behind them. If oncoming vehicles flash their lights at you in daylight, they’re usually warning you of something ahead – an accident or a police checkpoint.


Roundabouts are a source of endless complaints among visitors to Lanzarote. Simply put, they don’t use them the way they do almost everywhere else. Here on Lanzarote, the simplest and best advice we can offer is to remain in the outer lane as far as possible. If your lane takes you into an inner lane of the roundabout, take your time and drive defensively.

Getting to Costa Teguise or further north from the airport requires entering the fast, left-hand lane to enter the ring road. You also need to stay left when passing Tías towards Playa Blanca. Google Map’s Street View is a great way to check these (and other) routes in advance.


Parking can be difficult in the resorts and towns, especially near the beaches and busy tourist areas. As a result, you may find yourself parked some way from where you want to go. If you’re close anyway, a taxi may be a better option.

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