2nd Aug 2023 @ 11:05 am

If you are a resident on Lanzarote and haven’t yet made use of your travel discount – here’s what to expect while travelling to and from the Canaries:

The Spanish residents discount on flights offers a great opportunity to visit and explore the other Canary Islands or mainland Spain at a cheap price, allowing you to have a bigger budget to spend on your travels.

The discount is applied to all flights that leave from or arrive at one of the Canary Islands. It’s worth taking your certificados de viaje and residency document (or card) as you may be asked for it at check-in, unless you’re already on the airline’s database.


For flights to other islands, you’ll be checking in at Lanzarote Airport’s 2nd terminal (taking the left lane as you approach the airport roundabout.)

Terminal 2 is much smaller than Terminal 1 and a breeze to get checked in at. Once you’re through security there’s a small cafeteria at the end of airside that serves coffee, bocadillos and sweet pastries.

You’ll be flying with either Binter or CanaryFly. Binter Airlines offer a slick operation with short queues and on-time flights, they also provide a free drink of water and sweet treat on each flight.


Flying to international destinations or mainland Spain? You’ll be checking into Lanzarote Airport’s main terminal. You should already be familiar with this airport, however, if it’s your first time, its very easy to navigate.

If you have hold luggage, you’ll have to queue at the correct check-in desk, however, if you only have hand luggage you can walk straight through to security with your boarding pass.

Terminal 1’s airside offers much more, with a large duty free, various cafes and bakeries, clothing shops and souvenir shops. Be sure to keep an eye on the time and departure board – it can be quite easy to lose track of time while window shopping.


“Bintazos” are Binter’s annual summer discounts, offering flights within Spain and to international locations like France, Portugal and Africa for a cheap price.

They’re usually announced between June – July and fly from September.

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