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With Lanzarote’s population growing steadily and tourism stronger than ever, the island’s road network has come under increasing pressure. There are now 140,000 vehicles on Lanzarote, an island with 160,000 residents, and the greater independence of tourists means that more and more hire cars are on the road every year.

Transport was just one of the issues at the heart of April’s protests against the effects of mass tourism, with the island’s public transport system creaking under added pressure and chaotic queues of traffic at many of the island’s touristic attractions.

But despite lots of well-meaning talk, there are no serious plans to reduce Lanzarote’s heavy reliance on the motor vehicle. Instead, the island has been forced to address the fact that many of its roads need improvement.

There are several road building plans in the pipeline for the next few years. Here are the main ones.


Plans to widen the LZ-40 road between Indelasa and the Restaurante El Toro are likely to be carried out within the next three years. The €40 million project will be approved this year, according to Cabildo sources.


Playa Blanca’s increasing importance as a resort, a port and a residential area has led to pressure on the LZ2, where tailbacks caused by heavy vehicles and coaches are frequent. The Cabildo and Yaiza Ayuntamiento agree on the need to build a continuous dual carriageway between the resort and Yaiza.

No project has been drawn up yet, but the Canarian Government has pledged to commission one within its current term, which ends in 2027.


It is hoped that the second underpass at Playa Honda, which will filter off traffic coming from Arrecife to Deiland, will ease pressure on the notorious Playa Honda double roundabout, but bigger plans are in the works to relieve congestion in Playa Honda.

Two possibilities exist: first, the construction of a brand new 8-kilometre dual carriageway linking the airport with the hospital at Arrecife. This road would be located to the north of Playa Honda’s industrial zone, relieving pressure on the LZ-2 road considerably.

The second option is the burial of the LZ-2 through Playa Honda. This would allow lighter traffic above ground and permit Playa Honda’s residential and industrial zones to be linked. This option is favoured by environmentalists, and studies claimed that it would also be cheaper than building an entire new road.

No decision has been made yet, although Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort has criticised the new road option, saying “I will not allow more territory to be lost.” However, continued indecision could mean the loss of funds allocated for improvements.


Getting onto Arrecife’s outer ring road (and on towards Costa Teguise, for example) from the main airport road involves traffic moving into the fast left-hand lane on a poorly signposted stretch.

A project for a raised roundabout has been drawn up, but objections have been lodged by the César Manrique Foundation and the PLZT21 collective, who describe it as a “Scalextric track.”. The project will be licenced by the end of the year.


The Canarian Government plans to approve a €60 million project to bury part of the main road going past the hospital, with work starting in the next legislature (after 2027).

The existing road split the zone of Argana Alta in two and has been the scene of a number of accidents as pedestrians try to get across.


Roundabout fever is set to continue in the north of the island, with plans for a roundabout between the Jameos del Agua and Yé. Another roundabout will improve connections to Jameos and Cueva de los Verde, while a third will be built on the exit from Punta Mujeres. The road will also be resurfaced and widened to ensure greater safety for cyclists.

The blueprint for this project is currently awaiting approval from the Canarian Government’s Ecological Transition department.


The road to El Golfo via Los Hervideros has been closed since a sinkhole appeared in 2021. Currentlly, geological surveys are taking place to establish how, or even if, the road can be altered and re-opened.


This road through beautiful volcanic scenery is an accident blackspot, mainly due to its width and poor condition. Renovation is awaiting approval. The project will cost €10 million.

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