5th Nov 2021 @ 1:14 pm

The recent opening of the beautifully-adapted Mirador de Haría has been one of the highlights of 2021. If you’ve already visited it, you’re sure to have been impressed by the large picture windows and the glass platforms that jut out into the valley.

We spoke to Arturo Rivadenería of Cepal, the Arrecife-based company that fitted the breathtaking windows and thrilling glass platforms at the Mirador.

Arturo, how did you get the contract for this prestigious project?

The reconstruction of the Mirador has been planned for several years, and the architect in charge of design is the Lanzarote-based professional called Miguel Ángel Fontes. We were subcontracted to bring our expertise, technical skill and experience to his vision.

We are three businesses in one – Cepal, Managlass and Alustudio, specialising in all aspects of metal, PVC and glass fitting, and between us we had the technical experience to tackle this project. Our task is to turn the dreams and visions of our clients into reality.

It must have been a challenging job.

It was complex, yes. The structure is unique, and it’s located on a hairpin bend overlooking a steep drop. We had to hire special vehicles to carry the glass to the site, and we were working to the millimetre in terms of precision.

Many visitors are nervous about stepping on the transparent glass platforms. Are they safe?

Of course. They’re fully certified to the highest of standards.

The opening was quite an event. How did you feel to be a central part of the project?

It was a very important job for us – an emblematic project that has already received wide coverage and has been seen well beyond Lanzarote. I was present from start to finish and feel very proud of what we achieved.

Do you have any similar projects in the pipe line?

Currently, we’re rebuilding the windmills at the Salinas de Janubio. I’ve visited windmills all over the island with my team to take measurements and samples and get this right. Like the original windmills, the new ones will be built on Lanzarote, and should be ready by the end of the year.

We can’t wait to see them, Arturo!

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