1st Apr 2022 @ 8:25 am

Island Mobility Lanzarote is under new ownership; and with tourism roaring back to life on Lanzarote, Dan and Jo Blumson’s vital services and commitment to customer care are going to be in more demand than ever.

Everyone is welcome on Lanzarote and everyone deserves to enjoy the island to the fullest extent. But those who are disabled or have limited mobility are bound to have special requirements, and that’s where Island Mobility Lanzarote come in. Whether it’s a set of crutches, a walker, a wheelchair or scooter, an adapted bed or an electric hoist, the family business can provide the equipment you need to make your time on the island as comfortable as possible.

Many will know the name already – Island Mobility Lanzarote was established 16 years ago, but Dan and Jo Blumson took the business over during the pandemic in 2021. “In a way, that actually helped, creating a gap that allowed us to take over without too many problems,” Jo tells us. Since then, the company has invested in specialist equipment that no one else on the island can provide, and their commitment to customer care is a very personal one.

That’s because Dan and Jo understand the demands of disabled people on Lanzarote very well. “Our 13-year-old son George has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair,” says Dan. “We came to Lanzarote because the climate was better for him. George and our other children often help out on deliveries and with other aspects of the business.”

Jo says “Until you’re doing it yourself every single day, you don’t really understand the situation for disabled people on the island.” That understanding has been a problem in many parts of Lanzarote, where badly-thought-out disabled facilities can be found. “Things are improving, and will hopefully continue to do so” says Jo, “We’d like to be a part of that.”

For Dan and Jo, making money isn’t the only thing. “If people are better off buying a piece of equipment than hiring it, we’ll tell them so and source it for them from our suppliers ,” says Dan. “If we can help someone, we will.”

Island Mobility Lanzarote work with tourists, both individually and from holiday companies that cater to the disabled, but they also do a lot of work for residents. “People get older, and their situations change,” explains Jo, “But we also help people who’ve suffered from accidents or illness.”

Island Mobility Lanzarote don’t just provide equipment, though. They supply a wide range of disposables, such as bed pads and nappies, and Dan’s previous experience in construction and planning means that he is also able to carry out modifications and adaptations to properties.

The couple will also point you to the best businesses for services that they don’t provide. For example, they’re been working alongside Las Amigas (see page 51), a leading provider of home and care services.

Whatever your requirements, just get in touch. Advance notice for special requests is recommended, and you can find all the information you need at Island Mobility Lanzarote’s website at www. islandmobilitylanzarote.com – a one-stop information hub.

Email For Your Booking: info@islandmobilitylanzarote.comwww.islandmobilitylanzarote.com TEL & WHATSAPP (0034) 696 389 034. Office hours: 9am – 5pm. English Speaking Consultants.

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