24th Sep 2023 @ 10:16 am

There are loads of ways to eat on Lanzarote, but those who have been here a while will have noticed differences in the patterns and customs of locals and tourists. Here’s how to dine like a Lanzarote local.


The menú del día is a Spanish institution that has satisfied workers for decades. Unlike the UK, where lunch is a light meal or a sandwich, Spain likes to enjoy a main, three course meal at around 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Usually, you’ll get a choice of two or three starters and main courses along with a drink and a dessert or a coffee to end the meal. They generally cost around €10 but you’ll find cheaper and more expensive options depending on the location and quality of the restaurant.


Sharing is a vital part of Spanish dining. The Spanish passion for food is strong and everyone wants to try a taste of everything that arrives at the table. El picoteo is the perfect way to share the flavours around, with waiters bringing various tapas dishes to the table, which are then shared around.


Breakfasts are light in Spain, and lunch happens late, leaving many feeling peckish around mid-morning. The almuerzo fills that gap – a local version of elevenses often taken in a bar. A slice of tortilla, a pastry or a sandwich are typical, and coffee is the most popular accompaniment.

Merienda is another snack time that occurs at around 5pm, breaking the wait between lunch and the evening meal, which often happens after 9pm in Spanish households. It’s mostly associated with children, but adults will often take a piece of fruit or yoghurt.

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