1st Jul 2023 @ 6:00 am

Lanzarote has several miradors dotted around the island, boasting stunning and unique views. Here’s our guide to our top 5 Lanzarote viewpoints:

5. Mirador de Haría

The Mirador de Haría was originally designed by César Manrique in 1966 as a resting point for walkers, but it later fell into dilapidation. However, even when it was in its worst state of neglect, it was still a popular place for passersby to stop, as it offers one of the finest vantage points to see the Valley of a Thousand Palms and the “Witch of Haría”.

Last year the mirador underwent an extensive restoration to bring it back to its former glory. It features two glass balconies that project out into the valley, allowing visitors to enjoy perfect views.

4. Mirador de El Golfo

This viewpoint is accessed via a small path that leads visitors to the famous Lago Verde (green lake) with views of the sea to match. The lake’s green colour comes from sulphur in the water which contrasts greatly against the black beach and reddish-brown rocky outcroppings that surround it.

It is prohibited to enter the green lake, however, so you’ll have to admire it from a distance.

3. Los Hervideros

Not far from El Golfo, Los Hervideros is the place to be when the seas are rough. Admire the power of nature as the fierce waves crash against the sheer coast. Los Hervideros has cemented itself as a popular photo spot for keen photographers with hundreds of images of the crashing waves featuring on Shutterstock and other image libraries.

2. Mirador de Ermita de Las Nieves

The Ermita de las Nieves is the highest traditional building on Lanzarote, a wild and beautiful place where all of Lanzarote’s glory is laid out in front of you.

The church sits on the Famara clifftop, and you can drive up there via Teguise and Los Valles, or approach in the other direction from Haría.

Being one of the highest points on Lanzarote, the nearby mirador is simply stunning with views overlooking Famara and beyond. There are no barriers stopping you from going over the edge here, so take great caution when approaching it, and make sure not to get too close especially as it is often very windy.

1. Mirador del Río

The crowning jewel of the north. Standing on the edge of the Mirador del Río’s observatory platform is like standing on the edge of the world. With sheer drops below and stunning views of the islands of La Graciosa, Montaña Clara and Alegranza, the Mirador del Río is a must-see attraction.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside – a deliberate choice by Manrique, who wanted it to blend into the landscape. A single circular glass fixture sits just above the small and unassuming entrance, which leads visitors through a white tunnel adorned with traditional clay pots and opens to the famous Mirador café, with its breath-taking panoramic views of the Chinijo Archipelago.

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