5th Jun 2023 @ 1:03 pm

Find out more about the gardens and wild green places on the island. Here is our list of some of the best places to visit.


César Manrique once said the Cactus Garden was his favourite of the works he created on Lanzarote, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a lovely, strange little place, located in an abandoned quarry in Guatiza and overlooked by one of the old windmills that were so important to islanders in days gone by.

With several hundred cacti species on display, you’ll soon be enchanted by the variety, the shapes and the sheer weirdness of these plants, which were also a key element of the area’s economy.


The descent into the Jameo is one of the most magical experiences on Lanzarote, as you head down through large, glossy leaved monsteras and rubber plants into a volcanic tunnel. At the other end there are elegant palm trees overlooking a perfect pool, and beautifully kept plants all around.


Both of César Manrique’s homes have wonderfully well-kept gardens. The César Manrique Foundation in Tahiche is, of course, an amazing place, inspired by Manrique’s discovery of a fig tree growing from a volcanic hole. It’s a masterpiece of design, and greenery is an essential element of its charm.

The rambling Casa Museo de Manrique in Haría is also filled with impressive plants.


The little town that nestles among the ancient volcanoes of the north is probably Lanzarote’s greenest place, and well worth a stroll just for the variety of wild and cultivated plants you’ll find. Tumbledown old houses sit side by side with beautifully cultivated gardens where fruit trees and bougainvillea plants abound, there’s a gorgeous tree-lined main square and there’s plenty of agriculture going on, too.

Serious plant lovers shouldn’t miss David Riebold’s wildlife garden in the heart of the town -a fascinating project that celebrates and protects the natural species of the island. To visit, contact david.riebold@gmail.com.


For wild plant life, a trip to the Famara cliffs is unmissable. This is the area of the island with the most varied plant life, and the largest concentration of native Lanzarote species. There are several footpaths in and around the clifftops, but we’d recommend a short hike from El Bosquecillo to the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de Las Nieves, where you’ll see all sorts of plants including aeoniums and native daisies, large wild fennel plants with their yellow flowers, stocky purple thistles, convolvus and much, much more. It’s a botanist’s dream -just stick to the path.


Many of the island’s hotels have wonderfully designed and maintained gardens containing a wealth of fascinating plants, flowers and trees.

If you’re not a guest, just ask permission to take a wander around at reception or book a meal at the hotel restaurant and wander at your pleasure.

We’d particularly recommend the Manrique-designed gardens in Costa Teguise’s Meliá Salinas Hotel, and Luis Vallejo’s wonderful work at the Jameos Playa Hotel in Puerto del Carmen.

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