27th Mar 2024 @ 10:02 am

Guardia Civil officers have complained that a British tourist who head-butted a Guardia Civil officer on Friday was released from custody before a court hearing.

The attack occurred on Friday, when two Guardia Civil officers were called to a plane that had landed from Glasgow after being informed that a passenger was causing problems. When they asked the passenger for documentation, he swore at the agents and head-butted one, knocking him to the ground.

The passenger was overpowered and taken to the hospital, where the Guardia officers passed over control to “other components” of the security forces.

When the officers arrived at court on Sunday morning to testify at an early morning hearing, they were dismayed to learn that the passenger had been released. A spokesman for the Guardia Civil’s union said, “We do not understand how a tourist who has no known address in Spain and who arrived for a week’s vacation at most, can be released for a crime as serious as an attack on a law enforcement agent.”

Despite a search by agents in Tías and San Bartolomé, the passenger has not yet been located and the union does not know if he is still in Spain or if he has already returned to Scotland.

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