1st Dec 2023 @ 6:00 am

Our readers regularly send us messages and emails regarding Lanzarote, here are some of your thoughts that we printed in the December edition.

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Dear Editor,

Can you tell me if there are issues with the bus services around the Island?

I have been out here for a couple of weeks and previously the bus services and times have always been very good, but this last couple of weeks buses are running extremely late, when they eventually arrive, they are full, and people are left frustrated trying to get to their destination and having to wait in the heat.

The bus service has always been exceptionally good.

Tony Forster

Ed: Lanzarote has been busier than ever this year, Tony, and many more tourists now venture out of the resorts using public transport than did so in the past. Stir in a housing crisis that means many workers must commute to the resorts and the result is immense pressure on the public transport system. It’s causing constant complaints and is something the authorities need to address as soon as possible.


Dear Gazette,

I was wondering if you knew anything about the deaths of large mero (Dusky Groupers) that are turning up on the west coast beaches and coves. These fish are large, anything from 5-15kg and would be older breeding stock fish.

It’s a concern, I have seen around six in the last few weeks. I have heard it’s something to do with algal blooms and the bloating of the fishes’ guts. Worth investigating, I think.

Jamie Last

Ed: Hi Jamie. There was a report on this phenomenon earlier this year, and one local expert blamed it on competition from seabass that had escaped from fish farms. However, we’re not entirely convinced by that explanation, as escaped bass have been present around our coast for several years now. If anyone else has any theories, we’d be happy to hear them.


Dear Gazette,

I wondered if you can provide us with some information.

My husband and l are regular visitors to Playa Blanca. We see that Playa Blanca is going to have a new public swimming pool. Can you inform us when the pool will be open, as we are over for Kings Day and staying for the rest of January 2024.

Jen Burman

Ed: Sorry, Jen, but there’s no further news on the opening of the pool and I wouldn’t count on it opening for January. Last year, the rise in fuel prices was blamed for delays in opening the heated pool. We’ll update you if any further information is available.


Dear Gazette,

I’d welcome more murals like the ones in your article last month. I appreciate Lanzarote’s colour scheme, but am I the only one who sometimes finds the glaring white buildings can cause genuine discomfort?

On a visit to Monumento del Campesino recently I was dazzled by enough whitewash to almost bring on a headache and looking at the floor brought little relief. I’m not a fan of sunglasses, although I admit they might help.

When going out with family we often look for places that are not surrounded by blinding white architecture, and I also echo last month’s letter calling for more public shade.

Den Haggerty

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