15th Feb 2022 @ 12:47 pm

The Pediatrics Association in Spain have proposed a calendar for the gradual removal of face masks in public schools.

Since September 2020, up to 8 million students have been wearing masks in classrooms for almost 17 months. The Association have proposed that at the end of this month, masks in classrooms be gradually removed from age group to age group.

In the document, the order proposed is:

1st and 2nd year primary – removed from Monday 28th February

3rd and 4th year primary – removed from Monday 14th March

5th and 6th year primary – removed from Monday 28th March

Secondary schools – removed from Monday 25th April

Baccalaureate – removed from Monday 9th May

Dr. Quique Bassat stated, “It is essential for children to return to a normalised educational experience without disruptions. If we want to progress towards normality, we must gradually withdraw Covid measures in school environments, as long as close monitoring can be guaranteed.”

“Thanks to the continuous monitoring of the risk of transmission in classrooms, we have been able to generate data that supports the low risk of gradually removing masks.”.

The Pediatrics Association have also highlighted the importance of the vaccine for those under the age of 12 and wish to reduce the mandatory quarantine to 7 days for children that test positive.

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