31st Jan 2024 @ 11:55 am

The Guardia Civil have started handing out fines to people who park just off of the LZ-35 opposite Las Grietas.

Las Grietas are strange, eroded fissures and gullies in the hillside near the LZ-35 road. Little-known a few years ago, they have become a popular tourist destination after being featured on social media platforms such as Instagram.

However, there have also been several complaints that the landscape is not being guarded, and that cars parking by the LZ-35 roadside could pose the risk of accidents.

In response to this the Guardia Civil have fined a number of people who parked off the LZ-35 to explore Las Grietas recently, as reported by Spanish news outlet La Provincia.

Those who regularly drive on the LZ-35 will have seen the large number of cars parked to the side of the busy main road and may have witnessed visitors dangerously crossing the road to get to Las Grietas.

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