8th Oct 2022 @ 9:30 am

The owner of the motorbike which crashed into various cars in Arrecife on Thursday has stated that the bike was stolen by his flatmate.

The bike’s owner told La Voz that many friends had contacted him after hearing of the incident, thinking it was him.  However, he explained “I normally keep it in the flat, but I took it out for 10 minutes to run the engine, then my daughter arrived and I took her to the park, leaving the bike in the street.”

That was when his flatmate arrived. “I don’t know whether he was trying to be cool or something, but he started the bike up and neighbours told me he was trying to do wheelies, ” said the owner.  The man collided with various cars and ended up being taken to hospital for head and hip injuries.

The owner said that he intends to issue a complaint, but police have warned him to wait as the flatmate is in a serious condition.  

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