26th Jan 2024 @ 9:31 am

Images of Canarian natives created by artificial intelligence have caused mockery on social media

The images of a Guanche man and woman were published as part of a project that uses “artificial intelligence as a tool that allows historians and archaeologists to have a new perception of the appearance of the Guanches.”

The project claims that “using advanced algorithms and based on archaeological data, bone remains and historical descriptions, artificial intelligence has reconstructed the faces of these ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands, offering a clearer and more vivid image of their appearance.”

However, the images have been mocked for presenting a distinctly modern view of the ancient Canarian peoples. Both the man and woman have braided hair and tribal-style tattoos, although there is no physical evidence that either of these were worn by the Guanches.

The man also wears a straw hat with a distinctly modern “sombrero” style and appears to have undergone some manscaping at a beauty salón. Meanwhile, the woman appears to be a wearing a goatskin bodice that provides a surprising amount of support and cleavage. 

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