8th Sep 2021 @ 8:19 am

The Ayuntamiento of Haría officially opened the Mirador de Haría yesterday. The little house overlooking the Malpaso valley is situated on the hairpin bends on the LZ-10 road descending to Haría, and features two impressive balconies which will give visitors the sensation of walking on air.

Haría’s Mayor Chaxiraxi Niz led the ceremony, which was also attended by Cabildo President María Dolores Corujo and Miguel Ángel Fontes Figuera, the architect in charge of the project.

The Mirador de Haría was originally designed by César Manrique in 1966 as a resting point for walkers, but it later fell into dilapidation.  However, even when it was in its worst state of neglect, it was still a popular place for passers-by to stop, as it offers one of the finest vantage points to see the Valley of a Thousand Palms and the “Witch of Haria” (the white houses and lights of the town coincidentally look like a witch on a broomstick).

It is also located in a place of immense natural beauty, with Canarian palms and drago trees planted outside, as well as abundant examples of the natural plant life of northern Lanzarote, such as wild fennel, the Lanzarote daisy and the native succulents known as aeoniums.  Kestrels are frequently seen in this wild place.

The Mirador has two balconies which `project out into the valley, allowing visitors to  enjoy perfect views. The building and surrounding area has also been fully renovated, with a visitors centre inside.

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