26th May 2023 @ 9:14 am

Here’s a brief guide to the parties standing in the local elections on Sunday:

The main parties

Coalición Canaria (CC)

The most successful regional party in the Canaries, the CC governed the islands for over 25 years until 2019. They seek to retain Tinajo and Teguise, and are likely to show strongly in Arrecife. Policies are generally agreed to be centre-right, business-friendly and pro-Canarian. (Standing in 7 councils)

Nueva Canarias /Frente Amplia Canaria (NC/FAC)

Nueva Canarias arose from a split with the CC and have differentiated themselves from that party with a more left-wing, regionalist message. (Standing in 7 councils)   

Partido Popular (PP)

Spain’s main right-wing party, roughly equivalent to the British Conservative Party. Currently leading Arrecife’s government, they are also likely to show strongly in Tías and perhaps Teguise. (Standing in 7 councils)

Partido Socialista Obrera Española (PSOE)

Spain’s main left-wing party, roughly equivalent to the British Labour Party. the Socialists seek to retain control of Tías, San Bartolomé, the Cabildo and the Canarian Government. (Standing in 7 councils)


A traditionalist party lying further to the right than the PP. Vox support a patriotic, centralist, anti-immigration, socially conservative, low-tax approach. (Standing in 7 councils)

Unidas Si Podemos (USP)

Further to the left than the Socialists, USP offer radical progressive policies with particular attention to housing, animal rights, the environment and feminism. (Standing in 6 councils) 

Lanzarote En Pie

   Leticia Padilla formed this party after organising some of Lanzarote’s biggest demonstrations against supermarket monopolies over 15 years ago. Campaigning on local issues such as housing, they are standing in Arrecife, Yaiza, Teguise and San Bartolomé.

Dragos Verdes Canarias

 An environmentalst green party based in the Canaries, Dragos Verdes will be standing in Arrecife and Teguise.

One-council parties

Locally-based parties play an important role in Lanzarote politics, and currently run two councils: Haría and Yaiza. The ones standing on Sunday are:


Compromiso X Haría; Plataforma del Munipio de Haría


Contigo Somos Democracía;  Primero Teguise.


San Borondón


Unidos Por Yaiza, Yaiza Siempre

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