13th Sep 2022 @ 9:15 am

Teachers at La Graciosa’s primary school have appealed for free ferry travel due to the fact that tourism has left “no possibilities of living on the island.”

“Any realistic possibilities of living on La Graciosa are extremely expensive,” say the teachers, who have launched a petition on change.org. “In addition to other factors, such as family situations, this means we have to commute to the eighth island every day.”

The teachers complain that, in addition to ferry fares, which have risen by 10% this year, they also have to pay for petrol to reach the ferry port at Órzola.

They say the situation has caused teachers to turn down posts, take sick leave, and has led to a bad attitude towards teaching on la Graciosa among all teachers. “This leads to unstable staff meetings and a decline in teaching quality,” they claim.

They have called for the Canarian Education Council and the Cabildo to subsidise teachers’ ferry fares.

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