22nd Sep 2022 @ 2:09 pm

An alleged Colombian hitman who was arrested in Arrecife in April has claimed that he will be killed if he is returned to his country.

30-year-old Jesús Alejandro Ramírez Valencia was located in a flat in Argana Alta, Arrecife, by the Fugitive Tracing Unit of the National Police, who planned the operation from Madrid. In a TV programme titled Fugitives, he is seen promising that he will co-operate with police in any way he can to avoid being sent back to Colombia. “They killed my uncle, they’re extorting money from my father and they’ve threatened me,” he declared.

A police officer explained that hitmen such as Ramírez lived under a “sword of Damocles”. “They’re hunted by police and by other gangs who want to kill them in retaliation. The best thing that can happen to them is being arrested,” he said.

Ramírez’s asylum request is being processed.

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