1st Apr 2023 @ 9:04 am

A candidate in the forthcoming elections in Teguise has offered  free Teguise tattoos to any resident of the municipality who is interested.

Posting a photo of his newly-inked Teguise tattoo on Instagram, Laureano Alvárez, of the Teguise Electors Group (AET) said “Teguise is above everything and everyone, because we always keep it in our head and in our heart and, for a few days now, also on our skin.” The tattoo, on the back of his head, shows a map of Lanzarote over the word “TEGUISE”.

Alvárez said “My candidacy for Mayor offers all those who share our love for Teguise to tattoo its name on their skin, like I’ve done.”

The offer appears to be open to anyone who can show they are registered on the padrón (electoral roll) for Teguise. 

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