26th Apr 2023 @ 9:43 am

The National Police have arrested five men in connection to the murder of a man in Arrecife last year, who suffered fatal stab wounds to the head, neck, and throat.

Last November, the police received numerous reports of a stabbing along the Vía Medular in Arrecife. Police arrived at the scene to find a young man on the ground bleeding from his neck and chest from multiple stab wounds. Unfortunately, due to the nature of his injuries, the ambulance personnel could only confirm his death upon arrival at the scene.

Witnesses described the events to the officers on the scene, detailing how a group of five individuals beat the victim as he got off a bus.

The police investigation revealed that the victim had altercations with two groups a few days prior to his death – a knife fight in a car park in La Inés and an argument with a group of men.

The National Police were able to confirm the identity and involvement of the five men in the fatal stabbing, four of which fled the island last November but returned recently under the assumption that the case had gone cold.

On April 19th, the police carried out a series of arrests after locating the men, all of which are now being investigated for involvement in the murder.

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