18th Aug 2022 @ 9:14 am

37 dog owners have been charged under animal cruelty laws after 40 cases of ear clipping were detected at a dog show in Gran Canaria in June.

40 denuncias were made by the Guardia Civil’s SEPRONA department for the practice of ear clipping, which has been classed as a criminal offence in Spain since 2018.

Ear clipping is usually carried out on American bull terriers and larger breeds such as Dobermanns and Rottweilers, and serves no purpose other than conforming to the aesthetic standards developed by owners.

Manuel Zumbado of the Official College of Veterinarians stated “Vets know that ear clipping and tail docking for aesthetic reasons is banned, and anyone who does this without veterinary attention will face additional charges of animal cruelty.”

Zumabdo also reminded pet owners that removing a cats claws was also prohibited under the law.

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