13th Jan 2024 @ 10:07 am

The second phase of archeological research into the Cueva del Majo in La Degollada has concluded, showing that the cave was used as a living place and also as a place for burial.

The cave is Lanzarote’s only example of a casa honda (deep house) found outside Teguise, and the only one on the island to be located in a volcanic cave. The original inhabitants of the island, the Mahos, lived in deep houses that are usually built up around depressions in the ground. 

Jesús Caceres, leader of the excavation, claims that the original space extended far beyond the existing cave, and has discovered fragments of ceramics, animal bones, beads and hole punches used by the inhabitants.

Human bones have also been discovered and dated to the 7th or 8th century AD, leading Caceres to claim he is “100% sure” that the cave was, at one time, used for burial purposes.

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