13th Feb 2024 @ 10:15 am

The Canarian Education Council has announced that use of mobile phones and other devices will be banned in Canarian classrooms from the 18th of February.

The ban will apply at all levels below university – taking in infants, primary and secondary schools, as well as professional training courses and will be valid in all publicly-funded education centres. The ban will be in place on educational premises all day, including break periods.

The Council has adopted the measure following several reports that link the use of mobile phones to poor academic performance and conflict in the classroom.

Use of phones will only be permitted if they form part of class activities, in which case pupils will be informed in advance. Pupils who may require phones for medical purposes (e.g. alerts) must clear this with teaching staff in advance.

Poli Suárez, head of the education council, said that the way the ban is implemented will be agreed by each centre. It may involve handing phones in at a counter, or introducing rules requiring them to be switched off.

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