18th Jun 2022 @ 10:23 am

Public conveniences are few and far between on Lanzarote, so what do you do if you’re caught short?

Almost all public conveniences on Lanzarote are located on or near beaches in the tourist resorts. Nevertheless, few of them are particularly pleasant places and many of them are locked up at the end of the day. All are free, and you won’t have to spend anything to spend a penny.

If you’re far from one of these, you’ll need to try other options.

Supermarkets: Most larger supermarkets have public toilets. A key may be required, so ask at the counter.

Petrol Stations: There are usually public toilets at petrol stations. Again, ask at the counter.

Shopping centres: Larger shopping centres have toilets. Smaller ones may not do.

Tourist attractions: All the tourist centres on the island are well-equipped with public conveniences, often decorated in the Manrique style.

Bars and restaurants: Most bars and restaurants will allow passers-by to use their bathrooms without insisting on a “clients only” policy. This may vary in certain areas or at certain times of night, however.

Transport: There are conveniences at the airport, bus stations, and ferry terminals. Hotels: We’ve never heard of a hotel turning away someone who needs urgent relief, even if they’re not a guest.

The sea: Peeing in the sea is technically illegal in Teguise, Yaiza and Haría, so don’t try it if any municipal scuba divers are nearby.

Toilets will be called Aseos, Servicios, Baños or WC on signs. Most toilets will use the universal Male/Female/Disabled signs.

How to ask:

Tiene un servicio aqui? Do you have a toilet here?

Hay un servicio por aqui? Is there a toilet around here?

Puedo usar el baño, por favor? May I use the bathroom, please.

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