Are you ready?

Although most of the weather Lanzarote receives is excellent, the island can still chuck a bit of the nasty stuff at you and your home.

Your Views, Please

The recent opening of the beautifully-adapted Mirador de Haría has been one of the highlights of 2021. If you’ve already visited it, you’re sure to have been impressed by the large picture windows and the glass platforms that jut out into the valley.

It’s nice out!

You can make your outdoors cosy and snug, and here on Lanzarote you’re almost certain to be doing a lot of your living outside all year round. So how can you make your exterior space as warm, inviting and homely as indoors?

Beauty underfoot

Rugs and carpets are one of the easiest ways to transform a living space, and on Lanzarote you can afford to go bright, bold and vivid!


The clocks have gone back and Lanzarote faces months of darkness and early nights. Well, not really. There’ll still be sunshine and warmth galore, but it’s definitely a time of year when some of those old home comforts are welcome – and chief among them is the welcoming, comforting glow of candlelight.

It’s on its way!

Christmas is coming, and if you want to establish a festive mood, it’s time to start thinking about decorating. You’ve still got plenty of time, but preparation will make things run much more smoothly.

Military Services

Since January, British property buyers in Spain have suddenly started hearing the words “military certificate”. But what is this all about?

Out of Order!

Many homeowners are unaware that their homes are fuera de ordenación – a designation that may restrict you from carrying out future improvements to your home. Erardo Ferrer of Lanzarote Abogados sets out the situation:

Festival of Light

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of the year in India, a time to celebrate new beginnings and rejoice in a sea of candlelight.

Dreaming of a light Christmas

Christmas on Lanzarote is a relaxed and peaceful celebration of the good things in life. Here in the subtropics, where sunshine and the outdoor life lasts all year round, one of those good things is the wide range of light and healthy alternatives that mean that Christmas doesn't have to be a battle with your waistline.