1st Aug 2022 @ 6:00 am

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop in Playa Blanca have recently received a new shipment of award-winning Superior Wellness spas. This month, we chatted with manager Steven Mottershaw about the new arrivals.

Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop’s reputation is built on impeccable service and high-quality products. “We test every product on our own pools and spas before selling to our clients. If it isn’t a quality product, then we won’t sell it”, says manager Steven.

Steven took us on a tour through the shop and warehouse to show us some of their Superior Wellness spas, heaters and pool covers manufacturing.


“The spas are built for Lanzarote in every aspect, we work with Superior Wellness to adjust the spas to the island’s needs”, explains Steven.

Their hot tubs are designed and engineered for 13 AMPs – to account for the low amperage supplied to most Lanzarote properties. It of course also reduces running costs!

The spas are built with comfort and ease-of-use in mind. Every model is fitted with simple topside controls to activate jets, lights and even speakers on the higher-end models.

For holiday villa owners, the Holiday Spa model is built to resolve many problems that are usually associated with residential hot tubs in rental villas. The spa has no breakable or removable components, simple topside guest controls with the advanced controls and in-line bromine feeder behind a locked service hatch, it also features a large drain to empty the hot tub in as little as 10 minutes.

The spas can be installed within an hour of delivery. A set of starter chemicals will be included with the purchase along with a booklet and in person explanation on how to maintain your new spa. Free over-the-phone consultations are offered to clients for any questions they may have.

While other spa suppliers may require you to wait some months for replacement parts, Lanzarote Pool & Spa Shop have spare parts in the shop ready to be installed if necessary.


Their passion and commitment to quality shone when they told us about the process of how they make their pool covers. “All of our covers are manufactured in our Lanzarote warehouse. Once we have the client’s pool measurements, we weld the pool cover material together and bring it to the pool to cut it perfectly to shape.

The cover will be dried and sewn with UV protected material and UV protected stitching. Finally, the pool cover will be secured to the roller with UV protected webbing.”


Gecko Pool Heaters are the latest generation of pool heat pumps that are now more efficient than ever before. Steven explains that “standard pool heaters ramp up when the pool is cold and then turn off, which isn’t efficient.”

“Our heaters detect when the temperature is low and work at 100% to quickly heat the water. Then the smart computer adjusts the output performance to continually run at a lower percentage to maintain heat and reduce consumption/noise”. If necessary spare parts are available for Gecko heaters.

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