31st Jan 2024 @ 8:29 am

There was more social media outrage yesterday after footage of a tourist who had climbed on top of the volcanic bomb near Montaña Colorada was uploaded to the internet.

The video, taken by a local photographer, showed a tourist who appeared to have climbed on top of the bomb and was having difficulty getting back down again, despite the efforts of two companions to help him.  It is forbidden to leave the footpath near the bomb, let alone climb it.

Samuel Martín, the Cabildo’s environment councillor, told Lancelot TV that the problem is not that tourists are suddenly breaking rules, but that they are recording themselves doing so, making the problem more visible.

Nevertheless, Martín admitted that the Cabildo was concerned about the problem of tourists not following rules. One of the solutions he said was being considered was Tinajo council’s idea of closing the car parking areas at the Volcán del Cuervo, Montaña Colorada and Caldera Blanca, and operating guided bus tours from Mancha Blanca instead.

The video was captured and uploaded by photographer Carlos Cantón to Instagram (@carloscantonfotografia).

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