22nd Mar 2020 @ 10:30 pm

Over the next few days members of the Gazette team, and others, will be sharing their thoughts on the lockdown. First up is our Head Designer Carla Sylvester, currently cooped up in Costa Teguise with her one-year-old son.

What are you most hating about the lockdown?

Not being able to binge watch TV in my pyjamas, I’d love 5 minutes peace. Also, not knowing where I am financially. The stress of having a child to take care of is something that is driving me crazy, not knowing my situation.

What are most you enjoying about the lockdown?

Spending time with my baby, we haven’t had so much time together since I was on maternity, and he loves being with his mumma. It actually makes me quite sad that things will have to return to normal.

Have you learnt anything while being locked down? 

I’ve learnt so much about my boy and his routine. He started walking today, and I realise I’ve missed a lot of his day-to-day life while he was at nursery. I’m actually learning to count my blessings. It’s a tough situation but there is always a silver lining.

What will you do the day we get the all clear? 

Hug my baby tight and give thanks that it’s all over and thank every single person who offered their help in this tough time, I think we will all be a little less selfish. 

What I miss the most:

A restaurant/cafe:

Robinsons Beach Bar. They just started doing American pancakes. I’d kill for that right now!


My weekly outings to Deiland, putting the kids in softplay and having a coffee with my nearest friends. The daily stroll to the supermarket with my work colleague Sabrina.

An activity:

Chatting with my colleagues and feeling the sun on my face in the fresh air.

Favourite things to pass the time:

TV show:

Doraemon; Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir.


Un Poco Loco, from the Coco soundtrack.

We’d like to hear your thoughts, too. If you want a copy of the questionnaire, message your email address to us and tell us a little about yourself.