19th Feb 2024 @ 9:43 am

Socialist leaders sin San Bartolomé, Tías and Arrecife have rejected proposals to permit ridesharing companies such as Uber to operate on Lanzarote.

The Mayors of San Bartolomé and Tias, and Alfredo Mendoza of the Arrecife party, have responded to “suggestions by Cabildo President Oswaldo Betancort” that firms such as Uber or Cabify might be permitted in order to deal with taxi queues.

Complaints of taxi shortages are now commonplace at the airport and the port in Arrecife, while many people were left stranded by a lack of cabs after Arrecife’s carnival last week.

However, taxi associations on the island have always been strongly opposed to the introduction of ride-sharing companies.

The Socialist representatives propose that new regulations are introduced that allow taxis from various municipalities to operate in certain areas at certain times. Currently, complicated rules exist giving priority to local cabs at the expense of those operating from other zones.

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