26th Jan 2023 @ 2:03 pm

Spain’s Health Minister, Carolina Darias, announced last week that the law requiring face masks to be worn on public transport would shortly be repealed. At the time of writing, the Consejo de Ministros have approved a date.

Compulsory mask wearing on public transport will be repealed on February 7th, it has been confirmed. The measure will come into force the following day, on Wednesday, February 8th.

Masks will still be compulsory in health care centres such as hospitals, health centres, opticians, pharmacies, and dental clinics due to the possibility of close contact and the presence of vulnerable people.

Not everyone is in agreement that the mask law should be lifted. Several health experts believe that it may help prevent not only Covid, but a recent resurgence of flu and other contagious respiratory diseases. Recently, the World Health Organisation once again recommended that masks be worn in indoor spaces.

Meanwhile, the Canaries is currently showing the highest rate of Covid infections among the over-60s in Spain. Although the rate of infections is falling, and figures are nowhere near the peaks of July last year, the Canarian figure of 303 infections per 100,000 people is more than double the national average.

The Canaries also recorded the highest Covid death rates in Spain in the New Year, with 37 in the first two weeks of the year. None of the deaths occurred on Lanzarote.

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