23rd Nov 2023 @ 9:56 am

Ireland has overtaken Germany as Lanzarote’s second-most important tourist market of 2023.

Over 57% of tourists to the island this year came from the United Kingdom, a proportion that has risen sharply over the last years since the pandemic. Previously, UK tourism accounted for around 50% of tourism for several years.

Although figures for November and December are not yet available, it seems sure that Ireland will become the island’s second-most important source of tourism. 276,414 visitors arrived from Irish airports up to the end of October, while Germany accounted for 200,946.

In terms of population, this means that Ireland is by far Lanzarote’s most faithful market. Roughly speaking, and ignoring repeat visits, the figures suggest that one in 18 Irish people visited Lanzarote this year, compared to one in 50 from the UK and one in 200 Germans.

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